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Free and immediate help from EMDR therapists for those affected by COVID-19, Black Lives Matter, and other mass traumas events.

Turn to TRN

TRN connects individuals affected by a mass trauma event to qualified EMDR therapists. TRN's remit is listed below: 

1. Mass Trauma - something has occurred to multiple people during a single incident - such as the Black Lives Matter riots or Grenfell

2. Act of Terrorism - i.e.  London Bridge Terrorist Attacks or the Manchester Arena Terrorist Attack

3. Covid-19 - i.e. symptoms must relate to Covid-19 in some way - such as working on a Covid ward, having to attend a Covid funeral, being ill or having family members ill with Covid, heightened anxiety around Covid

If you have been affected by one of the categories of mass trauma under our remit, please fill out this referral form. You will hear back from us within a week's time. 

During your sessions,  we will ask you to fill out short questionnaires about your symptoms and care. We will ask your permission to use

the results from the questionnaire as part of our on-going research
into the effectiveness of EMDR therapy to help others as an early stage, short treatment after a mass trauma incident.

We will not reveal your name or details to anyone if you agree
for us to use the results in our study.

If you do not wish us to use your questionnaire you can still have treatment. Either way you can change your mind at any point if

you let us know before the end of treatment.

In completing this form you are accepting our terms and conditions and are happy for TRN to make contact with you.

Are you a first responder or social/health care worker?
Have you been affected by any of the following?

Thank you for contacting TRN. A member of our Team will be in contact within two weeks.