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Free and immediate help from EMDR therapists for those affected by COVID-19 and who are suffering from acute anxiety or PTSD.

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If COVID-19 (Coronavirus)  is causing you acute anxiety or PTSD simply complete this self-referral form to be booked into an appointment with a qualified EMDR therapist. The initial appointment will be used to assess you and the treatment path most suited to your needs.

It is vital that you provide us with a valid mobile number when registering, and that you have read our terms and conditions. We will need also to know any past mental health history if you have any so that we can make educated decisions.

We won’t ask for or share any personal details online, and we will not ask any questions about what has happened. You can even use a false name if you prefer.

Our qualified EMDR therapist will support you by sharing techniques and methods which help to gain control and to become calmer, and explain the next steps we will be taking to give you the very best online support if needed.

During your treatment we will ask you to fill out a short questionnaire about your symptoms and care. We will ask your permission to use the results from the questionnaire as part of our on-going research into the effectiveness of EMDR therapy to help others as an early stage, short treatment after a mass trauma incident.

We will not reveal your name or details to anyone if you agree for us to use the results in our study.

If you do not wish us to use your questionnaire you can still have treatment  Either way you can change your mind at any point if you let us know before the end of treatment.

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A psychological trauma may occur when you directly experience or witness a single or repeated event that is so overwhelming it affects your ability to cope or make sense of what has happened.



EMDR is one of only two treatments approved by the National Institute of Clinical Excellent (NICE) for symptoms of psychological trauma and is recognised by the World Health Organisation as an effective therapy for people who have experienced traumatic events.



Trauma Response relies upon the goodwill and commitment of EDMR therapists worldwide to help support people who have suffered from a mass trauma event.

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