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Use your skills to help those affected by mass trauma.

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Trauma Response Network relies upon the goodwill and commitment of qualified EMDR therapists to give time to help support people who have suffered from a mass trauma event. We are different because we deploy an online platform to deliver free support within hours of an event, meaning that we can provide immediate support to those who are most in need as well as longer term provision.

After the initial online assessment period of around a month, therapy is delivered face-to-face for typically 5 sessions delivered over the following 6-8 weeks . After this period we work with The Peace Foundation to put together a longer term support programme, if required, and ensure a seamless transition. Our regional Hubs can support this ongoing provision alongside should the need arise under the supervision of the Hub leader. 

If you want to commit to joining our network of therapists then we welcome you with open arms. As well as qualified therapists we need regional Hub leaders and clinicians. The Hub leader will be responsible for liaising with the Trustee Board and other TRN leaders and will be supported by several therapist volunteers, at least one EMDR Europe approved consultant and a TRN coordinator locally.

Whichever role you decide upon, you will need to be happy to:

  • Allocate time for a few hours of training on how to deliver EMDR treatments using our online platform.

  • Maintain a calendar of your availability so that we can schedule sessions with you should an event occur.

  • Submit research data for each client pre and post-treatment to support our research and to evidence impact

To join our network, simply complete and submit the form below. We will then make contact with you and arrange a convenient time for your training on the platform and to explain the materials to be used.

Once completed, we will add you to our approved therapist network. This will be confirmed by us sending your user name and password at which point you can access your account to fill in your timetable so we know when you will be free.

We will use your TRN account to keep you updated on the new things we are doing, and to update the resources and materials available. Our aim is to continually phase in new aspects to the programme as we grow, and to make changes where we see opportunity for improvement.

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